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Get in control of your business

Easy Setup

Set-up your own branded web, mobile app, and a Facebook page for your store with your products.

Direct Contact

Let customers place their orders on your online store which arrive instantly to your dashboard.

Low-Fee Delivery

Deliver through our fast-tracked, contact-less, low-fee delivery services, or your own delivery team.

Effortless Business

Boost sales and orders across online platforms and run your business smoothly during the COVID-19 crisis.

Who is it for

Get an app designed for your business

What will you get

Get a powerful online platform that grows your business.

Quick Set-Up

Get your web, mobile app, and a FB page customized and ready in no time. Start accepting orders in 48 hours or less!

Accept Direct Orders

Remove the middlemen. Let your customers order directly on your online platforms.

Low-Fee Deliveries

Save more by using our low-fee delivery services or get your own delivery team in action.

Fast Payments

Receive payment for all online orders right to your bank account.

Branded Mobile App

Get customized iPhone and Android apps. After all, it’s all about your brand and your customers.

Facebook Ordering

Meet your customers where they are with Facebook integration.

Order Ahead

Receive advance orders from your customers.

Easy Menu Updates

Adjust prices, alter selections, and update products in a flash.

Marketing Strategy

Promote your online and mobile ordering with custom marketing strategy

Valuable Insights

Get vital sales info: busiest order times, average ticket size, and order frequencies.

Reliable Support

Get online support from our team to resolve issues instantly or visit us in person.

Secure System

Use secured and smart order and delivery services. Trust us as your business partners.

Who are we

Simplifying the retail business experience

Imagine your customer ordering from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Now imagine you receive their orders directly within a matter of minutes. Won’t it be amazing? Well, it is now possible as well with an online delivery order app, Order Deliver!

We started with the idea of bringing normalcy to our day to day businesses.

While businesses will have more leeway to open during alert level 3 in New Zealand, we wanted to offer a safe and smart way to take online order and deliver system for our retailers.

We started with the quest to find a balance between businesses and their customers’ safety. After months of experimentation, we have a solution ready which can help retail businesses to not only survive but thrive during this COVID-19 crisis.

We aim to put the power back in the hands of business owners so that they can claim their space in the market again.

Customers are any business’s strength. Order Deliver enables you to reach out to them directly and safely. Your own branded app will ensure that your customer’s loyalty is just yours and not divided with a third-party middleman. Moreover, your customers will enjoy the best user experience with a clean and simple interface.

We also believe that you do not owe your profits to anyone. The idea is- you keep more money, the more orders you receive. Hence, Order Deliver doesn’t force exclusives and charge a low monthly fee on orders. We also put the power to deliver in your hands. For online ordering systems for small businesses with no delivery mechanism of their own, we support them with delivery services at a comparable low-fee.

Ensure the safety of your customers and staff by effortlessly practicing online takeaway ordering systems like drive-thru and click-and-collect systems with the help of Order Deliver. We are here to make the process of online ordering system pleasurable and completely painless for business owners and customers alike. With that in mind, we will have you up and running in less than a week, and offer marketing support and personalized customer service by locally.

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